Everyone knows what a wig is, but not everyone knows how REAL the wigs of today can look! Feel empowered when you rock the perfect wig and AnneMichelle’s experience with wigs is….award winning.


If you are losing your hair due to cancer, alopecia, chemotherapy treatments, or other medical conditions, or you simply want a new look, finding the right wig doesn’t have to be overwhelming. read more »


If you are losing your hair due to cancer, alopecia, chemotherapy treatments, or other medical conditions, or you simply want a new look, finding the right wig doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Whatever reason brings you to consider wearing a wig, you will find the most knowledgeable guidance and best solutions at AnneMichelle Hair.  

AnneMichelle Hair offers many beautiful options from Follea, known for the world’s finest human hair wigs, and considered the pinnacle of luxury, with its exquisite craftsmanship, fine European hair, and revolutionary hair enhancement designs.  When you want the best of the best, these wigs are your go-to choice. 

Also available is AnneMichelle Hair’s own top-quality ready-to-wear line, expertly constructed with the finest materials, available in both human and synthetic hair, comfortable cap designs, and extensive color selections with a more moderate price point. 

If you have never worn a wig before or you are a seasoned wearer, many things begin to happen when you rock an awesome wig.  First, you start receiving lots of compliments on your hair!  Remember, only you will know it’s a wig, so I encourage you to gracefully accept the compliment.  You can also kiss your bad hair days goodbye and welcome easier morning routines.  It may also be the perfect time to have some fun and experiment with a new look, like a different hairstyle or color.

…I feel both lucky and blessed to have met AnneMichelle.  My mission was to cope with my cancer and still have my quality of life.  I wanted a wig that looked like my hair and matched me perfectly.  AnneMichelle had this amazing wig and she made it fit perfectly!  With her expertise, I now have hair that looks totally realistic and I look like ME!  Every visit with AnneMichelle, I get some “me” time and I feel beautiful…during this difficult time. You just have to meet her to know.” – LUCY W.

AnneMichelle apprenticed with famed wig maker, Bob Kelly in New York City. (image of AnneMichelle and Bob Kelly)  Additionally, her years of working on Broadway, American Ballet Theater, and Saturday Night Live allowed AnneMichelle to hone her expertise in all things wigs.  She will guide you through your ultimate wig experience.  

You will learn many things about wigs like foundation types, front hairlines, hair types, color matching, fit, care, and styling, all important to the final success of your wig.  You will then select the right system for your needs.  

Owning and wearing a wig requires special wig care accessories. In our effort to provide comprehensive support, these items are available at AnneMichelle Hair.  You will learn how to use these items to properly care for, maintain, and style of your wig.  When you leave the salon, you will be able to conduct ultimate home care.

“Don’t be worried that you will look like you are wearing a wig! You won’t!  I won my Emmy making wigs look undetectable.  I have always said, if you can make a wig look natural on television or film (which is challenging because high definition cameras pick up all manner of texture and actually magnify the fact that a wig is being worn), you can make a wig imperceptible for daily wear.  Feeling confident, it should just become part of you, comfortable, beautiful, undetectable, and easy”,   says AnneMichelle.