Hair Fact for Men and Women

Hair Fact offers products designed specifically for the needs of Men and Women. They are comprehensive, evidence-based, nutritional cyclical therapy approaches to strengthen hair follicles and promote new hair growth.


Hair Fact is a comprehensive, holistic approach to strengthening the hair roots promoting follicular growth.
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Hair Fact

Hair loss is not a disease or sickness

Hair loss occurs when there is a dysregulation of hair growth. Hair depletion is the failure or slowing down of the natural hair growth cycle within the body, therefore, we need to provide external stimulation and internal nutritional support, in a structured and supportive program. When an effectual program is applied, the hair response is genuine and outcomes occur in the normal cyclical pattern. The concept is CARE, not CURE.

At AnneMichelle Hair, we strongly recommend our hair loss clients be on a hair support supplement, providing there are no medical contraindications, and we suggest Hair Fact. Most people do not get the necessary vitamins and nutrients through their everyday diets and supplements. Hair Fact, not only provides these key nutrients with its revolutionary cyclical dosing of micro-nutrients, it has been proven to improve hair growth and hair health over 30-40% of all grades.

MicroNutrient Dosing – Cyclical Therapy
Hair Fact for Women is a comprehensive, low-dose, nutritional cyclical therapy approach to strengthen hair follicles and promote new hair growth. It focuses on supporting hair growth in the anagen phase.

Phases of Hair Growth Cycle

The growth cycle of hair has three different phases. Anagen is the first phase and is the most active, as it is the growing phase. Catagen, the second phase, is a short transitional phase that signals the end of active hair growth. Telogen is the final phase of the cycle, where the hair sheds and the Anagen phase starts again. When the follicles fail to re-enter the Anagen phase, hair loss occurs leaving the follicles inactive, and over time, leading to thinning and noticeable hair loss.

Cyclical Therapy
Hair Fact invites the hair into the growth phase by providing specifically balanced nutrition used to create new Anagen hair encouraging new hair growth.

This advanced holistic approach utilizes cyclical therapy with micro-dosing of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and herbal combinations for optimal absorption and safety. Hair Fact uses a course of 6 oral supplements taken twice a week. A unique combination of two nutritional formulations per day over a three-day cycle and this is done two rotations per week.

Results are often seen within the first 4-month cycle.

Since hair loss cannot be cured in a few days because hair depletion is the failure or slowing down of the natural hair growth cycle within the body. We offer structured and supportive multi-point programs where the hair response is natural and occurs in the normal hair cycle pattern.

Two formulations available: Original Hair Fact and Pro-Immune Hair Fact