CNC XT Extensions

CNC XT Extension, by Cesare Ragazzi, are the world’s most innovative and advanced hair addition extensions. They are next-level hair extension systems so you can live life without compromise.


CNC XT Extensions are the world’s most advanced hair addition extensions. read more »

CNC XT Extensions

CNC XT Extensions, by Cesare Ragazzi, are the world’s most advanced hair addition extensions. The CNC XT Extensions are a revolutionary, non-surgical hair and scalp prosthesis that utilizes 3D printing technology to recreate the EXACT contour of your scalp (like a second skin or a lens cap) for a perfect fit that is seamless and completely undetectable, adding volume and length where needed.   

Crafted at the factory in Bologna, Italy, every detail of the thirty nine-step construction is done by hand with the utmost precision and artisanship.  Specialists inject one hair at a time into a patented biomedical polymer base that is breathable, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-conductive (which means it lets heat pass through so you don’t get hot).

The CNC XT Extension is further personalized to match your scalp color, hair color, denier – or thickness of individual hairs, hair texture, density, length, and style.  Using only 100% virgin or unprocessed human hair, the cuticle remains intact and is of the highest quality.  This hair is healthy, stays gorgeous, and blends seamlessly with your own hair.  No other extension system on the market allows this level of customization or hair quality.  

Another hallmark of distinction with the CNC XT Extension system is that it is designed to be safely and securely bonded on top of your existing hair for a seamless, undetectable fit that holds.  This means having the hair you have always dreamed of without any of the tale-tell signs of extensions. 

CNC XT Extensions are extremely comfortable, durable, and secure allowing you to enjoy the pace of an active lifestyle.  You can shower in it, swim in it, perform high impact activities, wear many different hairstyles, conduct intimate settings, and it still remains undetectable. 

Once in the CNC XT Extension system, you will benefit from the latest in hair technology and from the discreet care and skill of AnneMichelle.  Routine monthly maintenance and styling visits will keep you and your CNC XT Extension system looking your best.