CNC 3D Scalp and Hair Prosthesis

The CNC 3D system, by Cesare Ragazzi, is the world’s most revolutionary and advanced non-surgical hair replacement solution. Live life without compromise.


CNC 3D is the world’s most advanced hair replacement solution.
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With the custom CNC 3D fitting to your scalp like a second skin and the customization unique to your needs, your hair will be full, completely secure, and natural-looking. read more »

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CNC 3D, by Cesare Ragazzi, is the world’s most advanced hair replacement solution. The CNC 3D system is a revolutionary non-surgical hair and scalp prosthesis that utilizes 3D printing technology to recreate the EXACT contour of your scalp (like a second skin or a lens cap) for a perfect fit that is seamless and completely undetectable.     

Crafted at the factory in Bologna, Italy, every detail of its thirty nine-step construction is done by hand with the utmost precision and artisanship.  Specialists inject one hair at a time into a patented biomedical polymer base that is breathable, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-conductive (which means it lets heat pass through so you don’t get hot).

The CNC 3D is further personalized to match your scalp color, hair color, denier – or thickness of individual hairs, hair texture, density, length, and style.  Using only 100% virgin or unprocessed human hair, the cuticle remains intact and is of the highest quality, and blends seamlessly with your own hair.  No other system on the market allows this level of customization.  

Another hallmark of distinction with the CNC 3D system, you do not have to shave your head for bonding, as is common with other types of bonded systems.  It is designed to be safely and securely bonded on top of your existing hair for a seamless fit that holds.  This means having the hair you have always dreamed of without sacrificing any of your own hair to get it.  If you do not have any hair, the CNC 3D bonds just as securely.

Its extreme comfort, durability, and secure fit allow you to enjoy the pace of an active lifestyle.   You can shower in it, swim in it, perform high impact activities, conduct intimate settings, and it still remains undetectable.

Once you are wearing the CNC 3D system you will benefit from the latest in hair technology and from the discreet care and skill of AnneMichelle.  Routine monthly maintenance and styling visits will keep you and your CNC 3D looking your best. 


With the custom CNC 3D fitting to your scalp like a second skin and the customization unique to your needs, your hair will be full, completely secure, and natural-looking.

In the salon: The process to be fitted for a custom CNC 3D system is 2-part. 2 different molds will be made of your head. One for the area to be covered (your system area) and one the shape of your head. Then the customization of your systems will be conducted matching scalp color, hair color, texture, density, denier, length of hair, etc. The whole process takes about 1 1/2 hours. And then monthly maintenance visits are required to keep you and your CNC 3D system looking your best.

At the lab in Italy:

PHASE 1 Scalp mapping
Computer mapping of the scalp.

PHASE 2 Cast production
Cast created using specialist 3D computer imaging, cloning the contours of the skull and scalp.

PHASE 3 Cloning and Pantone matching
Clone membrane, or base, created by robotic technology, replicating exact shape, lines and pantones of the client’s scalp.

PHASE 4 Hair Selection and Matching
Meticulous selection and blending of high-grade human hair to replicate color and texture.

PHASE 5 Implanting
Hairs implanted individually into membrane or base, mirroring the original direction of hair growth.

When your systems arrive back at AnneMichelle Hair:

PHASE 6 Non-Surgical Grafting The CNC 3D system is attached to scalp by means of a specially selected bonding agent. A cut-in and final styling are next.

PHASE 7 System Fully Integrated Hair can now be exposed to all activities including swimming and high impact sports.

You will leave the studio in your new CNC 3D hair looking and feeling amazing! Return to your life with ease and confidence and BEAUTIFUL HAIR!