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An Hour To Empower Hair Loss Consultation and Coaching is an individualized opportunity to privately and sensitively discuss your hair and scalp concerns with a caring hair solutions expert. You now have the opportunity to meet and talk to AnneMichelle face to face, even if you don’t live near her clinic, through the online consultation and coaching portal.

At AnneMichelle Hair, private one-on-one consultations are the foundation of and gateway to allowing AnneMichelle to provide you with the highest level of customized care and professional guidance.

Meet one-on-one with AnneMichelle for an hour in the comfort and privacy of your own environment and openly discuss your hair loss issue(s), quality of life concerns, and your hair goals with this nationally acclaimed hair artist and hair solutions expert.

“Fast track with me to the FACTS as I partner with you through the hair loss solutions maze, create a plan of action based on your needs and deliver superior solutions that fit you and your lifestyle. Real talk, real solutions.”

You will gain insight, clarity, and a clear direction about the options that are appropriate for you and how to go about achieving them. You will also receive your personal AnneMichelle Hair Solutions PlanTM, your customized map to achieving your hair goals.

Thank you for taking the time for self-care and making a move on your hair loss. Now is the time to get some answers and direction, don’t wait any longer. The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

Fill out the form below and AnneMichelle will get back to you to finalize your consultation/coaching date and time.

Peace, Love, and Hair Solutions! 

AnneMichelle  a.k.a. The Hair Loss Boss

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