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Trichology means the study and treatment of the
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Let me introduce you to a new way of taking care of
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It begins with the Trichotest, an advanced patented
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Trichology is the study and treatment of the scalp and hair. Since a majority of men experience some sort of thinning and loss, it is more important than ever to properly care for the hair and scalp.

Trichology comes from the Greek word, trichos, meaning “hair” and was first conceived as a specialty branch of study in Britain in 1902 . But, it goes back even further than that, Ancient Egypt practiced this in some form as “Doctors of the Head”. Trichology is often thought of as being somewhere between cosmetology and dermatology bridging the gap between hair and skin health. At times, it can be hard to separate the two because most people are more concerned about their hair. In reality, it is more important to take care of your scalp because the health of your hair stems from there.

At AnneMichelle Hair, our focus is on SCALP CARE. Like the skin on your face and body, your scalp requires the same level of care. If you want healthy hair, then scalp care is your new best friend. Better hair through scalp care.


“Scalp care is one of the foundations of hair loss solutions. Without a healthy scalp environment, you cannot have healthy hair… since hair grows from your scalp. If you already have great hair, you can have even better hair and a healthier scalp. If you have hair loss, it is part of a proven solution to giving you healthier hair. Even if you want scalp micropigmentation, a healthy scalp ensures the most successful and long-lasting results.” -AMR


AnneMichelle’s method is based on trichology which encompasses a science-forward, holistic, hands-on wellness approach to healthy scalp and hair. Proven protocols are designed to support you using products specifically formulated for your scalp condition and hair texture while enhancing your nutrition and general wellness.

With award-winning products, diagnostic scalp analysis, expert guidance, and proven protocols, AnneMichelle Hair delivers the science and care to support life-changing hair.

AnneMichelle Hair is proud to be an exclusive provider of the finest European scalp and hair products, CRLAB by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, known worldwide for their scientific research, innovative product development, and uncompromising quality with proven results. They have been creating beautiful hair for 50 years.

Straightforward, trustworthy, and compassionate. Real talk with real results. I take an honest and ethical approach in my professional guidance and in what you can expect from the formulations and protocols.


It begins with the Tricotest, an advanced patented system for hair and scalp analysis.

During this evaluation, readings are taken to help assess the scalp environment and hair health, such as hydration and sebum levels, as well as the pH level of your skin. A micro camera is used at various magnifications and colors, or wavelengths, to identify specific anomalies of the scalp and hair. This diagnostic, state-of-the-art test is non-invasive and the results indicate the best CRLab product line and treatment protocol to address your needs, improve your scalp’s circulation, and boost hair growth.

Will you be Purple, Yellow, or Green? Follow-up tests track your progress.

It is important to remember that hair loss protocols include in-salon treatments, home care, and regularly scheduled follow-up visits. At times, additional protocol support may be recommended, including Laser Therapy, Vitamin Therapy, Hair Loss Havogen 5 Patch, and Trichogel.