AnneMichelle saved my life...

I bought a wig from another hair salon specializing in wigs...my head is quite small...the stylist never measured my head but ordered a wig for me...it was comical...it was HUGE with so much hair...back it went and she ordered another wig for me, still not measuring my head...

Time was running out and I was loosing my hair at a rapid pace. The wig was delayed coming in, but when it did, I was in great need. The wig was still too big. She altered it, removing three webbings, BUT it still never fit well. I was beside myself...

Then I saw AnneMichelle and she was at my service.  She set up an appointment right away during which she MEASURED MY HEAD. Then she altered the wig not only the circumference but the length...AND styled it...HOORAY!  I finally looked like me!

I am still wearing it 6 months later and NO ONE knows it is a wig and everyone absolutely loves my new hairdo!

THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE! I got through chemo knowing I looked as best as I could under the circumstances

Terry J.


My hair was thinning rapidly and I needed help.  AnneMichelle assured me she could help. Together, we explored several solutions in order to find one that suited me best. I now have a beautiful wig that no one can believe is a wig. From the start, I received comments such as "you look 20 years younger," and "great hair."

The wig has boosted my morale and my appearance. The experience of working
with AnneMichelle was a total pleasure.

Barbara B.


"I was never comfortable having my hair cut at an anonymous salon. With AnneMichelle, my experience is always personable and I completely trust her with my hair. AnnMichelle listens to what I want and I always love the way it comes out."

Amanda G.